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sometimes, it happens. :(

Your dahlia tubers have been carefully inspected before shipping so we can be sure they are in prime condition for planting and optimal performance.  When you receive your tubers, keep them in a cool, dry place until it's time to plant, which should be after all thread of frost has passed and the ground is at least 60 degrees.  In a bright, full sun area, dig a hole roughly 4-6" deep, place a handful of bone meal in the bottom of the hole and place your tuber.  Cover with soil and AVOID WATERING until the first green shoots are at least 3" tall.  Once established, Dahlias require at least 1" of water per week in order to thrive.  Once dahlia greens reach 8-12" tall, pinch the center of each shoot to encourage branching.  Stake to prevent the tubers from flopping over.  Once blooming, cut flowers to encourage more blooms.

Wait a week or 2 after the season's first killing frost to dig your tubers.  Divide and store in vermiculite, peat moss, or pine shavings until the cycle begins all over again next year. :)



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most items are made to order.

Most HOMEMADE APOTHECARY products are made to order with the exception of our bar soaps.  Should any of our products become unavailable after ordering, we will contact you regarding cancellation/substitution.  Please allow up to 3 business days (excluding holidays) for processing of your order.

Visiting the Farm

sorry, no can do

We are a working farm & family homestead and because of this, we regretfully can not accept visitors at our farm.  We kindly ask that you respect our privacy.